We have expanded our cutting range equipment with Thermal Dynamics systems


We now offer all machines and equipment of EWM


Varikon - Seller and qualified repair shop of welding and cutting machinery

We sell new and repaired welding machines. We exchange old welding machines for new ones, we can also replace Your old machine for another old machine. Welding machines can also be upgraded or modified in our workshop. With our rich experience, technical and practical knowledge we can advise You and find the best solution for Your needs.

We can offer good prices and quality for spare parts for:

  • torches of different manufacturers (Trafimet, Fronius, Kemppi, Hypertherm, Iskra, Cebora and more)
  • welding shields (Speedglas, Balder…)

Our repair department is well-known by speed, quality and good prices; meaning  your welding or cutting machine will be repaired as soon as possible for affordable price.

In our wide pallet of products You may also find various welding materials (welding wires, welding rods…), gas bottles (argon, CO2, Ar/CO2 mixes, oxygen, acetylene, nitrogen – manufactured by TPJ)

Have a look at our wide range of products or contact us.